Pamela and Philip's 2002 Pub Crawl

What better way to start of the 2002 pub crawl that at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver.

After a long grueling drive across Kansas and Colorado we finally arrived at the convention center.

It is only fitting, I guess, that the GABF be located at the intersection of 14th & Stout.

If you can't find a beer here that you like then you just don't like beer.

The awards presentation, and the TV interviews that followed.

Our friends from Lawrence.

Hey!  We found another Kansas City person.

Anybody know where I can find some beer?

Yes I do.  Try some of this beer?

Let's go say "Hi" to Paul.

Okay, I need some real food now.  Let's go find some.  On the streets of downtown Denver.

Ah!  This looks promising and they are a GABF participant.

A couple of suggestions if you plan on going to the GABF.  Find a hotel that is close.  This one is within stumbling distance.

And get there early.  This was part of the line for the Saturday evening session, and we were there 30 minutes early.


If you are an AOB member your best bet is to attend the member's only session on Saturday afternoon.  Not nearly as crowded.

The 2002 pub crawl continues...