"The Wizard of Oz" Techie Style
adapted by Philip Leonard


Scene 11


[As Toto starts u.s. left]

"Toto come back here."

[Toto crosses to u.s. left leg, 
sniffs around a little then begins
 to pull the curtain off stage. 
This reveals the Wizard who is 
facing u.s. working a series of levers.]


[Muttering to himself, very annoyed]

"Where'd this damn yappy mutt come from?"

[notices Toto, turns quickly d.s. and 
suddenly realizes what Toto has done]

"Oh Shit!!"

[The Wizard turns immediately u.s., 
quickly formulates a plausible 
resolution to his predicament]

[While turning u.s. he presses a 
button on a little box attached 
to his belt and speaks into his 
intercom headset]

"Pay no attention to the guy behind the curtain!  He's just a techie!!"