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The Theatre Project's inaugural production, Knucklebones, is a chamber theatre presentation of five short stories by the award winning writer, Annabel Thomas. The production is being done in association with The Writers Place.

A special performance of three of the stories will be given for the Singles Ministry at the Village Church, 6641 Mission Road in Prairie Village, Kansas, on June 4, beginning at 7:30pm.

Then the production moves to The Writers Place, 3607 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, Missouri, for performances on June 6, 7, and 8, beginning at 8:00pm.

Stephen Booser, founder of The Theatre Project, selected the stories from Annabel Thomas's book, Knucklebones, adapted them for chamber theatre, and is directing the production.

Booser said, "Annabel Thomas writes about hillbillies. She knows these people well because she was a hillbilly. There are twenty-seven stories in her book and all of them are funny or touching or both. Deciding which ones to do was tough. I had more favorites than we can accommodate."

Seven actors will portray a total of twenty-eight characters. "Fortunately, these actors are experienced and highly talented." said Booser. "They're meeting the challenge of learning chamber theatre technique and mastering multiple roles. And because of their ability, we've been able to develop inventive ways of creating the settings for the action which range from a hospital room to a ravine in which there may be a lion lurking. Audiences for this production are in for a special treat."

For information about Knucklebones call The Writers Place, 753-1090, weekday afternoons from noon to 5:00pm. Reservations for the performances at The Writers Place are recommended.

For more information about The Theatre Project send email to Stephen Booser.

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